Bull River Yacht Club

    Wilmington Island / Savannah, GA

Rules & Regulations


General Rules for owners

1.  MOVING IN: There should be NO moving of household furniture, appliances, construction supplies and equipment, or other large items into the building through the Front Lobby.  These items need to be moved in via the parking garage entrance to the lobby.  This also applies to future furniture or appliance deliveries.

Cardboard boxes should NOT be put down the trash chute. 

There is a landfill on Concord Road between Walthour and Penn Waller near the Krogers. 

2.  PAYING MONTHLY ASSESSMENTS: Association fees are due the FIRST day of each month and considered late if payment is not received by the 10th calendar day. You can go on-line to Market South Management (http://www.msmsavannah.com) for options for on-line payment, or use the payment coupon book and envelopes, provided to you by Market South Management for paying your monthly assessment by mail. Make your check payable to Bull River Yacht Club Condo Assoc. and mail to:

Bull River Yacht Club     c/o Market South Management    1901 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401

3.  SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed within the indoor common areas, on the Pool Deck, or within 30‘ of the front entrance. Never throw cigarette butts or other materials from the balconies or the pool deck.

4.  TRASH:

*  Nothing larger than your standard size heavy-duty kitchen trash bag should be placed down the chute since they often burst upon contact with the containers on the garage level. All HOUSEHOLD trash must be tied securely. Food scraps should be double bagged in order to reduce odor. 

*  No sticks, boards, carpet, home renovation debris, paint buckets, car batteries, oil, paint, insecticides, pesticides, hypodermic needles, electronics, chemicals or any other toxic item should be placed down the chute. These items should be disposed of properly in the landfill on Concord Road. 

* The trash receptacle on the ground level is open and can be used occasionally to discard oversize flattened boxes. 

*  Cleaning the back hall and trash chute area is the responsibility of the two homeowners that share this space. This also includes the small space inside the doorway where the trash chute is located.  This area needs to be swept and mopped with bleach on a regular basis

Do not use trash chutes after 10:00 pm and before 8 am

5.   In consideration of your neighbors:

*  For safety and evacuation reasons—do not store objects of any kind that could obstruct safe passage through the back fire stairwells.

*  Do not store personal items in the utility closet that must be accessed by Comcast & AT&T technicians.  No items of personal property may be stored in any trash chute closet.

*  Take care with noise while on the elevators and outside on your balconies between 10:00 pm & 8 am. 

*  Do not allow children to play on elevators or in stairwells. Children should not tamper with any control panel, fire alarms or emergency phones. 

6.  No holes may be drilled into the floors within your unit or on the deck or in the round cement support column located in the grand salon of each unit. This is to protect the support cables that are located throughout the flooring of the building and support columns.

7.  Nails or screws should not be used to hang anything on the porch walls. This will weaken the Dryvit surface and can lead to water intrusion.

8.  Displays of any kind of signs or banners from the balconies, windows, or on common areas are prohibited.

9.  Porches may not be screened, enclosed, or otherwise altered.

10.  No debris may be thrown into the marsh buffer. Nothing may be cut or removed from marsh buffer without HOA Board approval according to Georgia Law.


1.  Resident parking is by assigned spaces. Residents having two cars are asked to park their second car in the secondary parking lot. We cannot provide parking for a third vehicle.

2.  All residents must have a BRYC sticker displayed in the windshield of each of their cars.  If not your car is subject to towing.                 

3.  Residents may not park in another resident’s assigned space unless authorized by the owner of that assigned space.                 

4.  Guest parking will be confined to the secondary parking lot. Guests remaining over 24 hours should be provided with a guest-parking pass provided by their host.                 

5.  Parking at the front of the building is restricted to 30 minutes for cars to load and unload their cargo or passengers.                   

6.  Use of common element electrical outlets for recharging a hybrid car is prohibited.


1. Pets entering the building should be on a short leash that will provide appropriate control of the animal. Any damage to the common areas caused by a pet is the responsibility of the owner.                 

2.  All pets entering the building must have all the required immunizations and vaccinations recommended by the American Veterinary Association.                  

3.  Dogs are to be walked in the grassy area to the rear of the building or on public property outside of the stucco fence.  Owners are expected to clean up after their pets.                 

4.  Due to health regulations pets, are not allowed in the pool at any time.

5.  Pets are not to be left unattended on porches when owners are away.


Residents, renters, and guests should comply with all posted signage at pool.

1.  There is a trash chute on the East side of the Pool floor, but trash must be BAGGED. Small plastic bags are provided.

2.  Two Cabanas are on the pool level that can be reserved for private gatherings by owners. Only one of these may be reserved at any time for special occasions.  Residents or renters should contact the Property Manager to reserve it.  There is no charge, but a $50.00 deposit will be required to ensure that the area is cleaned.  The deposit will be returned if the cabana is left clean.

3.  The exit doors on the pool deck area automatically lock behind you when closed.  If you don’t want to get locked in the stairwell you will either need to know this code to key in the entry box on the back of the door or walk down 9 flights of stairs to the outside of the building.

4.  An emergency phone is located on the pool deck. It can only dial 911.


Outdoor grills are permitted on riverside porches as long as it is gas or electric with a controllable flame.  Charcoal grills are NOT permitted because the flame cannot be instantly contained. In addition, while in use the grill must be at least 3 feet away from the exterior walls because the heat can melt the stucco.


According to the BRYC Declaration of Condominium, the Homeowner Association can assess fines for repeat violations of the Association rules.  The first step in this process is for a letter of violation to be sent to the owner.  Repeated violations will be fined at $50 per occurrence.

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