Bull River Yacht Club

    Wilmington Island / Savannah, GA

 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                         UPDATED APRIL 2016

How do I reach our Property Management Company?

Alan Roberds

Market South Management

1901 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401

TEL:  912-238-0875                  FAX: 912-201-0116


How do I get an extra entry fob?

                  Contact our Property Manager, Alan Roberds at 912-238-0875

                  Cost is $25.00. Please make check payable to BRYC HOA Association

How do I get a new mailbox lock and key?

                  Contact:  Salisbury Industries Mailbox Company

                  Phone: 1-800-624-5269                  Website:  www.mailboxes.com

                  Lock Part Number:  3690 Replacement Lock

                  Lock Price:  $10.00   + Shipping

                  NOTE:  After receiving the new lock you will have to install it.

Need maintenance or repair work on your telephone, cable or air conditioner?

The telephone and/or cable technician will need to access the electronic closet that is located in the hallway between the two back doors of the units. It is normally locked. Keys have been distributed to owners. NOTE: This electronic closet should not be used for storage of personal items.

        Air Conditioner Compressors for floors 1- 6 are also inside a locked door on the fire staircase. If you did not receive a key, contact Property Manager, Alan Roberds at 912-238-0875.

  Need to change your elevator pass code or revise a name on the call directory?

                  Contact Property Manager, Alan Roberds at 912-238-0875

                  NOTE:  Cell numbers can be used in lieu of a landline  

If my lights are out in the hallway where the trash chute is located who do I call?

Report any building lights that need to be replaced to the Property Manager, Alan Roberds at 912-238-0875

If the elevator is not working how can I get up to my unit?

You will have to get to your floor via the fire stairs. You should have received a key to your back door from the previous owner when you purchased your unit.  If not, you’ll need to get a locksmith to make one for you, but it must be keyed to the BRYC master KEY, so please call Property Manager, Alan Roberds at 912-238-0875, prior to the arrival of the locksmith. NOTE:  If your elevator is out of order try taking the elevator on the other side of the lobby to the pool level then walk down the stairs.

What are the access codes for the outside doors?

The code for the mechanical room and trash room inside the garage is 142. For security reason we do not want to publish the entry codes for inside access to the building via the stairwells or garage door. If you do not remember this code please contact the Property Manager, Alan Roberds at 912-238-0875.

What does the PRIORITY SERVICE button mean on the elevator?

For safety & security reasons you should always use the top PRIORITY SERVICE button when calling the elevator to your unit.  When the priority button is used the elevator will not come to your floor if anything is on the elevator weighing more than 35 pounds. This prevents anyone from being on the elevator when you open the door to your unit.  However, if you are bringing up a guest that has called you from the elevator, use the “up” button since the weight would then be more than 35 pounds.

How do I turn off the water in my unit if I have a leak?

If your leak is under any of your sinks, there is a shut-off valve for the hot and cold water under the sink. If your washer hose is leaking, water can be turned off at the water supply on the wall behind your machine.  If your water heater is leaking you can prevent additional water from entering into the heater by using the cutoff valves above the water heater.  The cutoff valves above the water heater cut off ALL the water in the unit. Shut off valves to the toilets are located directly behind and below the toilet.

                  If your fire sprinkler goes off for no reason and water is spraying into the room there is a shut off valve in the stairwell on each floor.  DO NOT turn this valve unless you are sure there is not a fire or flame. This valve should only be turned off as a last resort.  Call the Property Manager immediately, Alan Roberds at 912-238-0875.

How do I receive packages from companies such as UPS and FedEx?

If you receive a call from the call directory outside the main lobby DO NOT buzz open the door to let them in.  Please advise the driver to leave the item outside the front door then go down to retrieve it.  (Most residents will bring in a box or package that they see outdoors and put it inside if you are not here to receive your package.)

If I get a call from the lobby and the person identifies him/herself as police/fire/EMS should I automatically buzz open the door?

For security reasons you should never open the door for someone that you do not know.  It could be anyone on the other end of the phone saying they are delivery, police, etc.  If someone says they are police or other emergency person go down to the lobby to verify before unlocking the door.

Is there an emergency phone that can be used in the pool area?    Yes.

Where can I get another garage door opener?

                  Call Advanced Door Systems in Pooler  912-748-9686

                  Remote Door opener Model # BA9931T – Frequency #318

                  Cost:  $35.00

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